Trash The Dress

Bird's Hill Park Manitoba

Ladies ... why are we only wearing our wedding dresses once?! We take so much time to select the perfect dress. We think about it for months. And if you're like me you dream of wearing it again. And let's be honest - how many of us have dresses that look like they've been trashed just from our wedding day alone? I know mine was covered in dirt, red wine and gum...yes, gum (ew) and I still brought it on our honeymoon to Las Vegas and wore it around the strip.

Brienne contacted me with the best request. She wanted to do a Trash the Dress session as a gift for her 10 year anniversary. We lucked out and picked a cooler evening in July, so the beach at Bird's Hill was almost completely empty. As the sun just started to set, we warmed up with some walks through the woods, and sand. Then as the sun got a little lower in the sky we both headed into the water and had so much fun making these images.

Another reminder worth mentioning is that your wedding is only one day. The marriage is a lifetime. Have fun in your wedding dress. Don't worry so much about getting it dirty. You'll look at the stains years later and remember how much fun you had on your wedding day.

I love how open Brienne was to just trust me during this shoot. It was so much fun. I hope you love these images as much as I do. If you're thinking of doing something similar, or have another fun idea that you want to try out, please contact me and let's start planning!

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