About Studio 312

A Designer:

From the beginnings of a simple love of drawing at a young age, I have built a career with a desire to be creative and problem solve. I am incredibly grateful that I have found a career I am passionate about. With over 15 years of experience in graphic design I have helped clients build brands and printed pieces that create impact and speak to their audiences with intention. As I listen to each client’s narrative and learn about their goals I design pieces that capture the essence of their businesses. 

A Photographer:

Throughout my life I have always had a camera in hand. I've always loved how a single picture can bring back memories from times that would have otherwise disappeared. Becoming a photographer in 2013 after years of dreaming about it, I found a new creative outlet that compliments my design work. I help create meaningful photographs that add value to what matters most to you. My goal is to create a session that's personal to you and the people you love most. Please contact me for open dates and we can talk about how to capture some personal memories just for you.

A Prairie Girl:

I reside in West St. Paul, Manitoba with my family. When I am not designing for clients or for fun, we spend our time playing hockey, re-enacting scenes from Star Wars and going on adventures at the lake. I grew up on the prairies of western Canada and it gives me great pride to work for many companies in the area that have helped develop such a great community. The hearty prairie landscape is mirrored in the steady growth of my ambition to capture the spirit of this land and of its people through my photography and graphic design. Whether photographing a new family, a wedding filled with love, or branding a new company, my drive to create purposeful and creative work is the centre of Studio 312's values.

Head over to the contact page to let me know how I can start telling your story.