The Metric IT Services Inc. brand identity appeals to small to mid-sized companies who want reliable and professional service from their IT provider. I created an identity that has a modern, timeless look and reflects a trustworthy, professional image that Metric’s clients know from working with them.

The primary logo has been developed as a word mark that visually shows growth and measurement through the use of arrows and the design of the letter M.

The secondary logo or symbol uses a rounded rectangle as the computer screen with the “M” monogram as the focal point.

Metric prides itself on providing their clients with solutions that fit their individual needs. By using information technology’s abbreviation (IT) in a play on words to say making “it” work, the positioning line speaks to the client who wants to make sure their technology isn’t what’s holding them back. When Metric is working with your tech, IT works.

Client: Metric It Services Inc.